HopeSprings served the Baltimore area for nearly 15 years to awaken, equip through training, and engage the faith community to serve people living with HIV--providing hope and healing through the power of relationships. We provided hundreds of volunteers and thousands of hours to provide support with clincial partners and other organizations. Our work now continues on with other partners (see our home page for details).


HopeSprings will holistically restore hope and healing to those affected by HIV, health disparities and associated stigma.

HopeSprings builds human resource capacity to:

  • Raise awareness of HIV and social determinants of health
  • Equip those God has called to serve in promoting health and equity regionally and nationally
  • Partner with community organizations providing avenues of engagement


  • Christian principles by showing the love of Christ, grace, compassion, mercy, justice, humility and faith in action through our staff and volunteers.
  • People where they are, as they are and unconditionally love them.
  • Outcomes based research, teaching and education to strengthen our outreach initiatives.
  • Empowerment and equipping the local faith community to assist those in their community with HIV, health disparities and associated stigma.
  • Partnerships with groups who share and institute activities of mutual purpose.

We extend our service offerings to all lives regardless of race, ethnicity and national origins, gender and gender identity, sexuality, socio-economic class, age, religion and disability.

In October 2006 two churches just outside Baltimore City were awakened to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Central Presbyterian and Grace Fellowship Church recognized that this issue was far too large for any one church to address on its own. They agreed to put aside denominational differences and join hands to respond, forming a ministry called HopeSprings with the vision to awaken, equip and engage the faith community to restore hope and healing to those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Our efforts began slowly with just a few volunteers and two churches but have steadily grown over time. Today we have seven thousand volunteers from hundreds of faith communities who have been equipped through our training and are serving through our programming on a regular basis to meet the needs of our HIV/AIDS service provider partners in Baltimore and beyond. We have provided relationships that have brought hope and healing to well over 10,000 people throughout the city of Baltimore and beyond.

HopeSprings concluded its season of work in 2020, and transferred its programming and resources to other partners to carry on the needed work in new ways.

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