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HopeSprings' programming transitions to partners

As of December 31st, 2020 HopeSprings will be transferring some of its programming and work to new partners and ceasing operations. The time has come to end one chapter, so that another can be written.

Over the last twelve years, we have had the honor of working alongside some of the most committed and inspiring people in seeking end the HIV epidemic. HopeSprings began with a sense of urgency for the Church to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic: one which was both global and local in scope and opportunity for engagement. Today, HIV is still a national epidemic, but one that has changed over time. Advances in treatment have helped living with HIV become more like a chronic condition, rather than a death sentence. However, this epidemic has also exposed the ways stigma, discrimination, and health inequities perpetuate HIV. The work of awakening people of faith to the reality of HIV became much more holistic and long-term.

In order to avoid perpetuating or inflicting unintended harm on the communities we serve, we began to shift from being relief-oriented to being more concerned with betterment, development, and empowerment for those whom we serve and serve with. This made the work of equipping all the more important for faithful engagement work. The low sense of perceived urgency from faith communities combined with the necessity of high commitment and training needed to serve led to gaps in our volunteer recruitment, programming, and funding. We needed to reframe our work, model, and priorities as an organization.

This led the Board into a revisioning process in which we sensed God’s call to shift from our current model towards a focus on organizational training and long-term development. Rather than pull people out of their communities, schools, churches, and workplaces to volunteer with us, we wanted to go with our partners into their own places and equip people to serve more effectively there. The board and staff felt a new sense of energy around this new vision and had started to lay plans for a renewed vision/mission and strategic plan.

Then the pandemic hit. Covid-19 has affected everything, including the work of HopeSprings. The challenges I describe above were magnified, many of our programs were paused, and the Board began to ask hard questions about our organization’s fragility and the feasibility of this new vision in a post-pandemic reality. We began to think honestly and creatively about how to most effectively preserve the impact and faithfully steward the resources of HopeSprings.

After much prayer and deliberation, the board determined that the best way forward was to use our remaining resources and capacity to find aligned partner organizations where we can reparent our valuable programs, training and curricula while winding down operations of HopeSprings as an organization. We are proud and humbled to be able to invest in this work in this way.

HopeSprings has always worked in collaborative partnership, and so we believe that the good things that HopeSprings has accomplished will be able to thrive. We encourage you to consider supporting their work as volunteers and donors, so that they may thrive.


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